Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Way to Give : )

I haven't received an update on baby Emma from her Mom Sophie, but as soon as I do...I promise I'll post it immediately!

In the many people have asked how they can help. All of us are really on the same page in wishing we could just do SOMETHING to help out Emma and the Crew family. I received a monthly email from the American Red Cross today & thought of baby Emma because I know she's had to have a few blood transfusions. If you remember, in one of Sophie's last blog updates, she asked us all to please pray for ALL the kiddos @ Rady's Children's Hospital, since there are just so many kids who are fighting for their life. Blood transfusions have been for Emma and I'm sure for many of those other children...a lifesaver...and that blood is not always abundant. So if you happen to have time on your lunchbreak or on your way home....make an appt. to give blood...or if you see a bloodbank bus (like I saw in the Trader Joe's parking lot last week), pop in & let them prick you! Use the time to pray for the Crew family & just give in honor of baby Emma. I know the Crew family & all the other families at Rady's Children's Hospital would be thankful.

Blessings to you & your family : )

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