Friday, October 23, 2009

Baby Emma Update - 10.23.09

I've been saving this precious picture of baby Emma, for when we got some good news...because it is a HAPPY picture! Well today we received a great update, so here it is...enjoy!! Thank God for answered prayers...Emma still has a long road ahead, but we are so thankful she is doing well in rehab so far. Let's all continue to dedicate lots of time to pray for this family & send positive thoughts their way.
Thank you to Sophie, Emma's Mom for keeping us all updated...we really appreciate it.

Day 36: She spotted a plane!!!! That alone made my day. The fact that she spotted it all on her own and pointed to it - wow... to be honest we didn't think this moment would ever come again, but it did - she spotted the plane!
You might be wondering what we were doing outside...well last night at 11pm, the IMU suddenly needed the room for another kiddo that was being helicoptered in, so we got moved to the Oncology wing.. go figure. We are only here until a bed opens up in.... rehab!! Wohoo! Emma is doing great with her recovery from her latest surgery this past Monday. She is almost completely off of all of her withdrawl drugs and now we are just managing pain from her latest surgery with Tylenol - ahhh it sounds so nice to not use a term like 'fentanyl' or 'versed' anymore!
I know I havn't updated in a while, so thank you Wendy for keeping Emma's readers in the loop. Following Emma's third surgery (to drain the CSF accumulated in her craniotomy site and to add a titanium mesh where her skull is missing), she was not recovering well - fevers, vomiting, pain, fussiness... the left side of her face was so swollen. The doctors feared she might have meningitis (infection of the brain or spinal cord) so they quickly did a CT scan (I think this is #10) and a spinal tap. They decided to go back in for a 4th surgery because there was a fear of Emma losing her scalp to infection or inadequate blood/oxygen flow. Surgery took 2 hours longer than they had told us, but the neurosurgeon took his time cleaning out the site - no sign of infection, so that was great. Her recovery is going quite well - no swelling, scalp looks like it will live (it's still pretty purple and gray though) and Emma is tolerating the pain much better.
I am keeping my fingers crossed that for the time being, we can move on and begin working on tying to salvage what we can of Emma's resulting disabilities.
Happy 4th Birthday, our sweet Ava. We love you.
Sophie and Tyler


  1. "She spotted a plane" made me cry tears of joy! I'm still crying actually. Tears of joy that Emma is doing so well. I can't go too many days without updates! :0) Such wonderful news Crew Family! God is AMAZING! Looking forward to many, many more "happy" updates!


  2. Such a beautiful picture for a beautiful little girl...we're so happy to hear this update, may she see many more planes! Sending our love --
    lisa witz

  3. That is such great news! ever since i happened upon this blog I have been checking daily for updates!!! I cannot imagine how happy you are that she spotted a plane all on her own!! wonderful news for brain function~

  4. I've always loved that sweet picture! So glad to read this update. I hope to see many many more positive updates. Get better sweet girl!!

  5. Happy 4th Birthday Ava!! It's so wonderful to hear that Emma is in rehab---may all of our days be filled with wonder and joy as we continue to see things otherwise overlooked.

  6. Happy Birthday Ava! We pray you have a wonderful day!

    keep fighting baby Emma! We're all pulling for you!

  7. Happy 4th Birthday Ava! Hope you have a great day. It is also our little man's 4th birthday today:) I am sooooo happy to read the great news today, and look forward to many more in the future. Keep fighting and getting stronger baby girl. We are praying for you all the way from Ontario Canada:)

  8. Wonderful news Sophie! And so cool that she spotted the plane on her own. You know your little girl is still your little girl, even after everything she's been through. So encouraging! Thinking of you guys always! Hugs.

  9. Thinking of all of you ! Bises, Nathalie

  10. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful!! Praying for her this morning.